E-mail sending issues, smtp mail configuration

Many clients have troubles with mail configurations and troubles with deliverability / spam this days.

Very usually sending email on servers doesn’t work by default with mail function this days, that’s why you need to use SMTP config.

We suggesting to use smtp email configuration also to reduce failure email delivery.

Very important is to have quality cpanel hosting to archive this properly.

Suggested hosting services found here: https://wpdirectorykit.com/wp/directory-hosting/


Classified Ads Kit Directory Theme

After Classified Ads Plugin, now we also release Classified Ads Theme. Theme Coming with many nice features in demo like geo map search, nicely designed results page with many new details, category display on homepage and much more.

Designed specifically for showcasing single yellow pages, classified ads, listings, cars or any other directory business idea.


Knowledge Base

Forget password custom page

To build custom forget password page in wp directory kit, you can use one from woocommerce plugin or you can use some third parity plugin like: https://wordpress.org/plugins/frontend-reset-password/

Activate Google Map and Different free map layouts

Open Page in Elementor Edit mod, select map widget and follow Content -> Map,
In Dropdown Listing we added popular maps layouts


Create Custom 404 Error Page in Elementor Free

We suggest to use nice free plugin named “Smart Custom 404 error page [404page]” https://wordpress.org/plugins/404page/

Usage video example in full post below:


Show properties for rent/sale only on specific page

We suggest as most simple way, just find one page from our demo install and duplicate it, for example this one from demo:


Then duplicate this page with plugin named “Duplicate Page”, video example:


Duplicate Directory Page in Elementor

If you need to duplicate / clone / copy page build in elementor we suggest as most simple way, to do that with plugin which will allow to copy any page or post, it’s called duplicate page: https://wordpress.org/plugins/duplicate-page/

Below I will also show you quick video with instructions:


Elementor PRO Theme builder and listing preview page issue

Sometimes listing preview or other pages functionality may fail if you replace them with some template in elementor theme builder.

Here is example about possible trouble with listing preview page where client define to show it on all singular pages:


Bulk Import Car Models Example

Here I will show you half-automatic example for bulk import, this is great for smaller database, up to 1000 categories/locations

I will show you Car Makers And Models import based on file: http://wpdirectorykit.com/uploads/car-models.xls


How to install auto currency converter

We offering WP Directory Kit – Multy Currency

This plugin will Automatically import and sync wanted currencies available in API and auto convert on Homepage Based on Switcher selection.

Purchase it here: https://www.wpdirectorykit.com/plugins/wp-directory-multy-currency.html